Anytime your devices are connected to the internet there’s a chance of it being compromised by malicious software. Blocking these threats from occurring ensures your devices, information and family members are safe online. Hiring professionals to help you secure your network has many benefits most importantly from modem to user protection. We have a variety of tools at our disposal backed up with years of network security knowledge.

Malicious code has the ability to hide 50% of threats aren’t detected. Don’t be a victim let us protect you.

Hardware & Software Protections

We have all the bases covered when it comes to the safety of your computers, tablets, smart phones and more. We use a multi solution approach to network security utilizing a combination of hardware and software solutions. These solutions working together give you maximum protection against online intrusions of your devices. Redundancy gives you protection even in the slight chance one of them becomes compromised.

Hardware Based

A single board computer onto the network fully load with a mixture of the latest open source protections available. This method has been trusted for years by many home and buisness networks. This method doesn’t give viruses, malware, randsomware or even advertisements a chance to reach any devices whether it be a computer, tablet or smart phone.


  • Stops viruses, randsomware, trojans, adware
  • Stops botnets
  • Kill threats prior to device interaction
  • Speeds up internet connection
  • New devices are protected automatically
  • Removes 95% of banner ads on mobile devices
  • Protects every device on network
  • Doesn’t use any resources from devices
  • Live statistics for viewing blocked threats
  • Updated hourly for new threats
  • Works with little effort from customer
  • No licenses to purchase


  • Additional hardware required
  • Uses on average 3 dollars worth of electricity per year

Software Based

Software protection is the second line of defense against online threads. This will include the installation of software on a given device. Each device must have software protections installed specific to the device needing protection. Software protection will vary depending on which platform needs to be protected.


  • Stops viruses, randsomware, trojans, adware
  • Removes 65% of banner ads
  • Protects device software is installed on
  • Updated hourly for new threats


  • Only protects device its installed on
  • Most require purchasing licenses
  • Uses devices resources slowing them down
  • Malicious code can render it useless
  • Threat reach devices before they can be stopped
  • Alerts happen on every threat found
  • New devices are not automatically protected
  • Not much protection for tablets, smart phones